Saturday, September 22, 2007

how to choose

How to Choose An SEO Firm ?some key points to be considered and questions to be asked are as:
How long has the SEO firm been in business?
Is the firm under consideration simply a practice area of a company with core competency in another area, or are they a dedicated Search Engine Optimization firm?
Can the company clearly demonstrate a process that you believe can be executed throughout your entire organization?
Does the SEO firm have references or testimonials from companies you have heard of which testify to the benefits of the search engine optimization services of the firm in question?
How many customers does the company have and how long have those customers been doing business with the SEO firm?
How many staff members does the company have to implement their search engine optimization services and do they have the ability to hire and train new experts if their client list grows?
When performing SEO services, what might the hourly rate of the firm translate to?
Does the staff provide personal, onsite consultation to you prior to an engagement, and a project manager to act as your single point of contact while implementing the program?
Does the SEO firm under consideration publish or maintain a code of conduct and ethics relative to the SEO solution they will and will not perform for you?
Does the company offer a guarantee with the ability to cancel your contract if you are not satisfied with their services

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