Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Msn search engine optimisation

Msn search engine optimisation
MSN the third top search engine:
MSN uses somewhat different strategies as according to their site owner help section - they mix and develop keywords with the help of their MSNbot from the website provided content and very often from meta tags - keywords and descriptions provided. It means that MSN's web crawler MSNBot crawls your website, it analyzes the content on indexed web pages and generates keywords to associate with each page
Microsoft's new search 'Windows LIve' beta version:
In 2005, Microsoft's MSN division made a lot of noise following the relaunch of MSN Search, which was meant to serve as a direct competitor to Google. Yet since that time, Google's market share in the search space has only increased, with MSN's share hovering in the neighborhood of 2 percent, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.
MSN is not as good as Google and yahoo and can be easily spammed as compared to both search engines.Msn needs some changes and updates so that it can stand well in competition and should increase his database and search results.
I think MSN gives importance more on keyword density as compared to yahoo and google.

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