Wednesday, September 13, 2006

on page optimization

In this article we would discuss some other seo tactics and tips :
Search engine optimsiation can be done in two ways off page and on page.
onpage factors include:
Page Title Header tags alt tags meta tags bolding, italicizing, and underlining Placing keyword in the correct position on the page
we wil take one by one :
1.Page title :
The "title" should be derived from the description and body content and comprise up to about 10 words or 60 characters. Keep anything important within the first 40 characters and make the first word a keyword starting with a capital letter. Make it appeal to the human reader.
Keep the important keywords in your title
Don't use one keyword more than two times.Consider
using both singular and plural forms of the important keywords in your title tag.
Your title should look like a readable sentence.use insted of commas and don't place keywords too close to each other.
it should be placed just below "head" tag so that search engines crawl it first and know about the site.
Avoid changing your title tag regularly.
2.Header tags:
It is a important part of seo.These tags are used by searcg engines to identify the importance of content on a webpage.If you use your correct and researched keywords in header text it will be given more importance by search engine.These HTML tags are considered by search engines.These are defined with the "h1" to "h6" tags. "h6" is least important while "h1" stands for prime importance.
h1 tag should be placed near body tag.
h1 should contain your best keywords and those keywords should be used under the body text below header tag.
Effectively use h1 to h4 tags on every page of your website.
3. Alt tags: these tags are used for images of a website:

Don't use alt tag to spam and place your keywords.
use ALT attributes to accurately describe your images
Use plural keywords in alt text.
Name your image with important keywords. For example, if your keyword is "jobs seo", then name of your image should be "jobs-seo.gif" instead of "logo.gif".
4.Meta tags:
meta tagsSearch engines use the Keyword Meta tag and the Description Meta tag to gather that information of that page.In web pages, multiple Meta tags are used in the header of the html code to provide information about the webpage. Commonly used Meta tag names are description, keywords, robots, author, date, and copyright.
META name="description" content="description of your page"> META name="keywords" content="keywords for your web page"> META name="resource-type" content="document">
5.Bolding, italicizing, and underlining
These factors also effect web ranking a bit as making a text bold makes search engine feel its importance in the website.same as italicizing, and underlining but if not used intelligently it may harm more than giving us benefit.
6. Placing of keywords at right positions: your keywords important one should be placed at right places of your webpage much it depends on how your webpage is designed.Never spam keywords as google and yahoo are just against spamming and it will hurt your rankings.
next topic : off page optimization

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