Tuesday, September 12, 2006

search engine submission | submitting your site

Their are many type of tricks some works for some websites while other don't like i have meet one person who said to me that the more page rank the more your site will be ranked higher in serp's but i don't think so page rank does matter's while judging the ranking's but to a limited extent only . I have seen varios website's having low page rank but are coming on first page of serp's.
Their is also a confusion about the submission of website's some say that webmaster's should go to search engine website submission pages to submit their website others think that they should use links from high page rank pages or articles to get it done quickly as far as i am concerned i also think that great p.r link and submission of articles really effect a lot and are faster measures to submit websites to search engines.But if a webmaster is ready to wait and cannot spend money for high page rank links then he should submit through the submission pages.

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